2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS Update 5: Just Between Friends

I’ve heard from a number of readers over the past 12 months. Hi, and thanks! There seems to be quite a friendly community with its arms around the Camaro. That’s nice. You don’t see that with, I dunno, Zach Gale’s Kia Sportage. One reader asked me to speak to the “ergonomics and ingress/egress of this car,” as well as the visibility. I touched on these at the beginning of the Camaro’s loan, but even after living with this car for nearly a year of commuting, traveling, carpooling, and grocery shopping, there are things I have yet to get used to or can’t easily ignore.

The outward visibility is dreadful. It’s easy to understand why. Just look at the high beltline and the windowless sail panel. Even our 2016 Best Driver’s Car, the McLaren 570S, was easier to see out of. In terms of ergonomics, there are hardscape complaints but not a single user-interface software issue to report. There is practically no interior storage besides the glove box and a small cubby inside the center armrest. Oh, and don’t try to insert a USB cord in the slot within that cubby while driving. It’s an arm-wrenching dexterity game. My coffee tumbler and phone go in the cupholders, so I place my car key and garage remote on the not-flat base of the center console. One 0.5 g corner, and they land in a footwell.

Finally, not specific to the Camaro, but with two-door coupes in general, ingress/egress is a challenge. With its long doors, shimmying in and out of the car while parked in the narrow grocery store/movie plex/office parking stalls has become old. I find myself scanning for an end spot so I can swing the door wide open. Also, nimble and lanky seventh- and eighth-graders are about the only people who don’t mind stepping over/ducking under the front seat belt to fall into the back seat. When I showed up for carpool with a sedan, even they remarked, “Why don’t all cars have four doors like this one? It’s so much better than that red car you drive.”


Source: MotorTrend

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