26 sexy gifts for your significant other that aren’t lingerie


Sexually satisfying gifts

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Just because you’re giving a sexy gift, it doesn’t mean your present has to be the same old lingerie. Sure, sexy underwear is fun, but it’s totally expected.

These gifts will stimulate your imagination and, well, other body parts.


Sexy Truth or Dare

Uncommon Goods


Everyone knows how to play Truth or Dare, but this version is a game just for two. (Uncommon Goods, $15)

Personalized collar stays



Send him a subtle message at work with these engraved collar stays. (Etsy, $18)

Love coupons



You can instantly download and print these coupons. (Etsy, $4)

Love Is Art Kit

Uncommon Goods


Make love and art at the same time with this kit — no one will know who the artists were. (Uncommon Goods, $36-$60)

Position of the day cards



As the site suggests: “Pull one of the 52 cards once a month, once a week, or once a day to keep things hot and exciting.” (Babeland, $7)

Sexy satin sheets



Take a subtle approach and wrap up satin sheets so you both can get wrapped up in them later. (Target, $30-$39.99)

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit



This kit includes strawberry massage oils, lubricants, honey dust and feather brush. (DermStore, $28)

Melt chocolate body fondue



This dark chocolate edible body paint is made with Dutch cocoa and brown sugar & comes with a paint brush. (Ulta, $18)

Dreamspa LED double shower head

Open Sky


You and your sig-o will both benefit from this temperature-sensitive LED double shower head. (Open Sky, $58)

Victoria’s Secret caviar pheromones scrub

Victoria’s Secret


This raspberry and lemon pink caviar body scrub is infused with pheromones that trigger arousal. (Ulta, $26)

Spicy Subscriptions box

Spicy Subscriptions


Receive three full or assorted trial-sized products and toys. (Spicy Subscriptions, $35 per month)

Sexy Santa costume



Or, you can always dress up as a sexy Santa to get your partner’s heart pumping. (Yandy, $54)

Love is Sweet bedroom game

The Dating Divas/Pinterest


A fun game will make things interesting. The best part? These printables from The Dating Divas are free!

Kissable body shimmer



You’ll taste as good as you look with Booty Parlor’s shimmering edible body powder. (Ulta, $26)

Sexy apron



Cook them a dinner they won’t forget wearing a cute apron — and nothing else. (Amazon, $29)

Deluxe body groomer



You’re sig-o will be ready to go after some serious grooming with the Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100. (Amazon, $60)

Naughty & Nice diffuser set

D.L. & Co.


The luxuriously sensual smells of this diffuser set will get you both in the mood. (D.L. & Co., $48)

Sexy both bomb



The I Smell Sexy bath bomb for him is the perfectly little pre-game for a fun night in. (Etsy, $3)

Funny coffee mug



You’ll both giggle every time this mug gets used, and laughter is the best way to keep romance alive. (Etsy, $15.95)

Massage candle



This great smelling candle melts down to massage oil. (Amazon, $14)

‘The Ultimate Aphrodisiac Cookbook’



This cookbook guides you through recipes so you can whip up some food to get you in the mood. (Amazon, $13)

Adult coloring book



You’ve heard of adult coloring books, but this is a really adult coloring book. (Amazon, $10)

Sex Stack



Sex Stack will have you broadening your sexual horizons in no time. (Amazon, $28)

Mood lighting

Touch controlled LED mood lighting takes ambiance to a whole new level. (Amazon, $149)

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