5 Ways to Get Her Naked Faster

Let’s face it, some women out there just aren’t comfortable making the first move when you get to the bedroom. Whether she’s shy or just doesn’t know what you want, you need to take control of the situation. You’ve said all the right things, but she just won’t give in. It’s time to lend her a hand by being the leader so the real fun can start. We promise, she’ll follow.

We hit up Nick Savoy of Love Systems for his best tips to getting her to take it off, now.

1. Get Naked Yourself

“Whipping it out can encourage her to do the same and can heighten her curiosity and sexual tension,” Savoy says. “Unlike going for her pants, getting undressed yourself isn’t something she’s used to automatically objecting to, so there’s less chance of her breaking the mood.”

2. Make it Warm—or Cold

“If it’s warm, she’ll be more likely to be willing to shed clothes,” Savoy says. “If it’s cold, she’ll be more likely to curl up under a blanket next to you. Either of those will lead to her being naked sooner.”

3. Be Bold

“No woman gets naked with a man because she’s turned on by how ‘respectful’ he is,” Savoy says. “If you are attracted to her, she’ll know—whether you say anything or not. Women are rarely attracted to a man who wants her, but doesn’t make a move. So you may as well show her you have the confidence to make something happen.”

4. Get Physical

“She’s more likely to get naked after a workout, a hike, or a day at the beach,” Savoy says. “Plan something hot and sweaty and then offer to let her shower at your place. Just make sure your bathroom is clean and you have nice towels!”

5. Be the Man

“Many women like to feel like they’re being seduced,” Savoy says. “Of course she knows what’s going on, but it’s a nice feeling for a lot of women for the man to make things happen, smoothly, in a ‘it just happened’ kind of way. So have an excuse when you invite her home, don’t spend five minutes looking for a condom or trying to unhook her bra. One mistake a lot of guys make is starting to fool around on the couch and then moving her to the bedroom. That’s a potentially awkward moment. If you start on the couch, finish on the couch.”



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