An Open Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend’s Dog

My biggest regret about the whole thing is going to be losing you. Please don’t blame yourself for any of it. You are an old soul with a kind heart. You deserve so much more than that jerk. I really want you to know that. I’m sorry that I have to leave you. I wish that I didn’t.

I would do anything to be able to take you with me, but you and I both know that can’t happen. I’ll never fill your toys with treats again. I’ll never get dragged along the sidewalk by you. You and my dog will never have another play date. I know he’s going to go back to using you to pick up other women. I’m sorry baby. I know it worked on me, but that’s so cheap and you’re more than chick magnet. I can just see the two of you this summer on a patio, him with a beer and you panting wishing for water.

He’s so selfish sometimes. If I was there, I would have brought your collapsible water dish with. I hope he takes you on at least four walks every day. I hope he runs with you on all your favorite trails. Maybe he’ll remember how much happier you are at the dog park with the poodle.

Watching you two play makes my heart swell. I want him to remember to scratch the inside of your ears. I know that the peanut butter treats are your favorite and the salmon food gives you hives, but does he? Has ever paid that much attention to anyone’s detail? Just know that no one that comes after me will ever love you like I love you.

Your golden fur is going to haunt my dreams for years. At the very least, I’m praying his next girlfriend isn’t allergic to you. Promise me you’ll open your heart to love again too. You’ll great her just as warmly as you greeted me. Love is the only thing we have in this world and just because goodbyes happen, doesn’t mean the in betweens aren’t worth it.

Lastly, thank you for sharing your life with me. Being part of your joy, your walkies, your dog park days has meant the world to me. From this day forward, my heart will break every single time I see a blue frisbee. Goodbye, you’ll be in my heart forever. Every time you walk by that boutique treat store I would sneak you into when he was out of town, I know I’ll be in your heart to.

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