EXOTIC MACHINE (1971 Dodge Challenger) CONNECTS Son and Dad!

This great video will raise so much positive feeling in all of you and will arise a wish to spend more time with your dad, hanging out, chilling, doing all funny things…

A bond between son and father is ancient and everlasting. There are many things that guys in the family are doing alone (that is, without the female part of the family) and one of the typical male experiences when it comes to the relation Father – Son, is bonding and having fun over a car. Doesn’t matter whether it is changing oil, tires, cleaning the engine, the interior, it is a true bonding experience.

In the case of the video you are about to see, dad and son Arthur and Matt Michalec are setting a school example for the abovementioned. Even though dad Arthur did not have the opportunity to have a sexy beast like this one in his youth, he made this pleasure possible and true to his son Matt. It is one of those things that shows us all how beautiful can family life be. Especially in presents of convertible beauty like this butterscotch 1971 Dodge Challenger.


Source: inoutpopular

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