Grammy Winner Rory Feek Shares Emotional Video Of Daughter Indiana’s ‘Walk To Remember’

…there were no words to describe the joy…

Parents watch their babies in wonder as various milestones are achieved. There is something especially exciting about witnessing a child walk for the first time.

Perhaps it is a sign of growing independence when toddlers take their first steps that makes this milestone particularly emotional for those closest to the newly walking toddler. American country music singer Rory Feek found himself speechless when he watched his daughter, Indiana, take her first independent steps.

Feek is a talented songwriter and gifted writer on his blog “This Life I Live,” so words — for him — are usually not lacking. Yet, there were no words to describe the joy surrounding Indiana’s first steps.

Instead, he posted a moving video that has received over five million views. The video seems to have spoken louder than any words he could have written, with many people commenting that the video brought them to tears.

His description on the video says it all: “I had started writing a blog post about Indy learning to walk, but in the end, decided to just show her journey instead. Her sisters and I are so proud of her…”

Many toddlers begin walking with little guidance or direction on the mechanics of the movement. Indy’s experience in learning to walk was much more involved.

Indy has Down syndrome and required therapy to learn to walk. Joey Feek, Rory Feek’s late wife, wanted to homeschool Indy, believing that the individualized learning would be best for Indy’s development.

When Joey Feek knew that her days on earth were coming to a close due to cancer, Joey and Rory looked into other options for Indy’s education. The name of the center that they found could not have been more in line with what they were seeking.

High Hopes Developmental Center certainly gave them “high hopes” that Indy would receive not only a solid education and therapy, but a wonderful social environment all under one roof. The preschool stood out for being an inclusive school.

High Hopes’ website explains, “Inclusion allows children with special needs to learn alongside typically-developing peers, instilling the values of diversity, acceptance, and individuality.” The Therapy Clinic at the school worked hard alongside Indy to help her reach the amazing milestone of being able to walk!

The pride that Indy’s family and teachers must have felt throughout the process of Indy learning to walk is contagious while watching the video. May the Feek family experience many more moments of joy and triumph like this with Indy now able to walk by their sides!

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