How to Increase Your Chances for Multiple Orgasms

According to Carlyle Jansen of the Toronto-based sexuality shop Good for Her, multiple orgasms are well within your reach!

Check out her expert advice for on achieving multiple orgasms below.

Are you a one-hit wonder when it comes to clitoral orgasms?

Do you, like many of us, experience the intense and sudden post-orgasm “Don’t touch me!” effect, often pushing our partners across the room or stopping stimulation during masturbation as the release sets in? If so, you’re not alone.

The clitoris is generally ultra-sensitive in the moment of heightened arousal (as is the head of most penises), but the mistake that many of us make at the point of orgasm is to stop all stimulation, not only of the clitoris, but of all of our erogenous zones.

We stop dead in our tracks while the waves of pleasure wash over us.  This total abandon of stimulation however leads to a sudden plummet in the arousal of our sex organs―our arousal becomes so low that if we try to build to another orgasm, it can take too much time and effort such that we just give up along the way or just don’t bother trying.

We resign ourselves to our experience of one climax per erotic adventure.

If the desire to have multiple orgasms resonates with you, there are techniques to enhance this pleasure.

The key is that we need to keep the intensity going right after the climax in order to have another clitoral orgasm.

It requires that we change our sexual routine and continue some stimulation to keep the arousal high rather than letting it drop completely. Of course, our clitoris does not want any more intensity.

But there are other spots to stimulate that are more indirect.

Enter the vestibular bulbs. These (very sexy sounding) vestibular bulbs are a perfect region to pleasure that pretty much always enjoy some touch, regardless of level of arousal.

Even when you are just getting going, when a hard tongue, finger or toy on the clit makes you go “ow!”, the same stimulation on the vestibular bulbs usually produces more of a “wow!”

This is a fabulous spot for pleasure just about any time.

How do I find this pleasure zone? These bulbs are internal extensions of the clitoris (like the clitoral legs or roots are) and are felt via the vulva, generally in between the inner and outer labia.

When your legs are spread, the outer labia mostly flatten out and what you see more prominently are the inner labia. Running a well-lubed finger, external vibrator or tongue (probably someone else’s), on outside of the inner labia usually feels great.

You can use a fair bit of pressure, running from the side of the clitoris (don’t get too close if it is sensitive) down following the length of the labia to the outside of the vagina.

Two fingers, toys or tongues or a combination thereof is even better, each accessing one side. Again, this area will feel great whether you are not aroused, very aroused or post orgasm.

The key to having multiple orgasms then, is to return to the vestibular bulbs quickly post orgasm (or another erogenous zone —  such as the butt or breasts — that is also not sensitive at that time).

As soon as the clitoris becomes sensitive during or after an orgasm, continue the pleasure by moving away from the clitoris. Stimulate the vestibular bulbs (or another area that keeps you aroused).

You’ll probably notice that your pleasure levels will plateau for up to one minute. It won’t feel uncomfortable as clitoral simulation generally does at that point, and it probably won’t increase your arousal either: it will just keep it stable or feel neutral for that short period of time.

That is totally fine: be present to enjoying the post-orgasmic bliss that is also happening as opposed to focusing on the goal of immediately reaching another orgasm.

After that short minute, your arousal might start to build again, and won’t be resuming from the bottom―it will start from a much higher point because of the continuous pleasure.

With your level of arousal higher, you might soon feel the desire to resume more intense stimulation and find yourself revisiting the clitoris. As long as it feels great, go for it.

Savor the ride as you enjoy similar or different kinds of strokes that you did during the first rise to climax.

As the pleasure builds, the next orgasm might very well be right around the corner!

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