Kevin Hart Is The Latest Victim Of Joel Embiid’s Social Media Trolling

Kevin Hart has made a habit of posting his workouts on Instagram. Problem is, Joel Embiid has made himself a home on the social media network as well. Embiid, whose last known location was “Meniscus,” chirped Hart on Instagram after he posted his latest workout video on Saturday.

Hart dedicated the set to Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, a 40-year-old who Hart says “inspires” him. Honestly, Harrison’s work in the gym is more terrifying than anything but whatever you say, Kevin. Sure.

Anyway, Hart gets in eight reps on the floor press and looks pretty proud of himself. Most of the comments on the video also relay their pride and inspiration.

But not Joel Embiid’s comment. The Philadelphia 76ers star had some fun on Hart’s behalf, calling him “soft” in a comment.

Hart and Embiid have some fun history. The comedian’s a Sixers fan and joked that Embiid reminds him of his own game on the court. Hart, of course, is a 4-time All-Star Celebrity Game MVP.

Some commenters noticed the flaming, including Hart himself.

For what it’s worth, Harrison did repost Hart’s video and add a nice comment.

“Got to respect your grind @kevinhart4real! It’s all about that work! #Legend2Legend,” Harrison posted.

Isn’t it nice to see celebrities interact online?


Source: DIME on UProxx

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