Look at How This Photoshop Guru Trolls People Beautifully

James Fridman is a graphic designer who is ready to help anyone who asks for his assistance. However, he does interpret every request literally, so his customers get exactly what they ask for.

ANNPortal picked out some of his most amusing edited images for your enjoyment.

— Hey, dude, can you add me behind a tank?
— You are behind this tank.

— Hello. My name is Andrei, and I’m from Russia. I lie on the beach here in Russia, but I would like to lie in America.
— Welcome to America.

— Hi, James, could you please make my dad look the other way because it’s a bit awkward! Ha ha ha! Thanks xxx

— Sure.

— Hello, James, I love your work. Can you “shave” my husband? Greetings from the Netherlands!
— Done.

— Hey, Jamie! Please can you shop my picture? All my friends say that I have a neck like a giraffe 🙁
— Your friends are wrong. Your neck is absolutely fine. This is the giraffe neck.

— Hey, James, my girlfriend forgot to wear shoes in our photo. Could you help?

— Could you make the waterfall look bigger or closer, please?

— Bigger and closer.

— Hi, James! Your Photoshop editing skills are amazing! Is there any way you can make my shirt not look so wrinkled? It takes away from me showing off my slim waist. Thanks!

— Try this.

— Hey, James, can you make the monkey look as happy as her?

— As you wish.

— Hello, James, I really like your work, so I want to ask you can you do something with this man behind me? He’s ruined my photo. Thank you!! Greetings from Montenegro 😄😄

— What man?

— Could you make it look like I’m kissing a dinosaur instead of the guy in white? A Utahraptor would be nice, but I’m not picky.

— Sure.

— Hey, James! Can you crop him out of this without it looking too obvious?

— Sure.

— Hi, James! Can you make it so we don’t have the same pose?? Thanks!!
— Of course.

Source: BrightSide

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