Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy shouldn’t be a taboo. On the contrary! On the other hand, fatigue, nervousness, and that you feel so heavy might make sex the last thing you dream of. However, some care and “premeditation” will demonstrate that you have absolutely no reason to deprive yourself of this pleasure.

If you just found out that you’re pregnant, the chances are that at least for a while, you no longer feel like making love. Don’t panic. It’s natural that the deep changes that happen in your body hamper your sexual behavior. Some women, finally getting rid of contraceptive impediments, feel sexier than ever.

But others feel tired and emaciated too much to be able to dream of love and sex, especially in the first trimester. In the second trimester things might get better as the libido gets back to normal and there are even spectacular moments.

Sexual desire can fade again in the third quarter, as the belly grows and your thoughts fly only towards the long-awaited meeting. However it’s good to know that there’s no harm you can do to your baby, if you make love when you’re pregnant. Your partner is certainly overwhelmed by the changes that happen with your body, but also by the way your sexual life transforms.

Your partner doesn’t know how to react and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let him know that you’re in a similar position. With a bit of effort and understanding from both sides, this new experience can only enrich and strengthen your relationship. Have faith! We’ll present below some methods women used to bring back the harmony in their love life.

Does he still love me?

Ever since your little tummy became a large belly, you have the feeling that he’ll never look at you with the same passion you used to see in his eyes. That’s completely wrong! It’s just a wrong feeling you have, as most of the times men have a totally different opinion about women than.. women themselves.

Spots, swollen feet, 15 extra pounds, nerves in any insignificant situation, weird cravings, in short, a monster that hardly anyone could bear. You don’t even take long before bursting into tears.

Oh well, take a deep breath, wash your face with cold water and then look at your self in the mirror. Try to see what he sees, not what you see. And you’ll see a woman who bares a new life, reason why, as uncommon as you are, you’re still a beautiful woman. Very beautiful!

He doesn’t love me anymore, he doesn’t want me anymore!

That’s only true in your head. Because, as weird as you might look, like a little elephant with the walk of a lazy goose, you’re sexier for him than Shakira in her sexiest moments!

Your tummy, your warm look , that very special light on your face, all of them make you more appealing than a hundred models and top models all together. It’s true that one of your main tough points is his gratitude for bearing his child and offering him a little baby boy/girl.

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