What Type of Mom You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wonder why your daughter is so obsessed with borrowing your clothes? Or why your own mother was such a darn stickler about bedtime? As usual, the stars have all the answers. Here, what to expect from motherhood, according to your zodiac sign.

12 Aquarius


Thanks to the sign of eternal youth, you’re destined to be a “cool mom” with a bohemian spirit and adorable little children running barefoot through the wild. (No toddler security gates or baby leashes here, thanks.) Be wary of your ruler, Uranus (the planet of sudden moves), and work to keep consistency in your parenting style. Kids need routine, even if said routine is sorta hippy-dippy.

1 Pisces


An emotional water sign, you’re both adoring and fiercely protective. This open show of love helps you raise kids with a healthy self-confidence that will take them far in life. A word to the wise, Pisces mama: Watch it with the waterworks—tears are sometimes inevitable, but you should be the comforter, not the comforted. Showing strength to your little ones is part of the job description, even when your instinct is “big old mushball.”

2 Aries


Ruled by Mars, you tackle every obstacle you face, emerging victorious nine times out of ten. When it comes to motherhood, this fighter mentality means you prioritize getting your kids the best of everything—education, health care, food, dress, the works. Just be careful: Your fiery nature can take you from calmly competitive to full-on Momzilla in a moment’s notice.

3 Taurus


Your fiscal responsibility and general no-nonsense approach gives your brood a grounding sense of stability, and your knack for organizing will create some impressively gifted offspring. (Think they have enough extracurriculars goin’ on there?) Still, behind that supermom facade you’re actually just super down-to-earth. So make it your mission to lead with a hand that’s both soft and steady.

4 Gemini


Your hungry brain never shuts off, thanks to your intellectual ruler, Mercury, and you prioritize your children’s education accordingly. Your motherhood hurdle? Making sure you don’t contradict yourself. (Remember when you said the F word was forbidden and then let one slip when you messed up your soufflé?) Your superbly inquisitive kids will see right through you…and get some pretty mixed messages.

5 Cancer


You played with dolls until your 14th birthday and picked out baby names before puberty. In short, you’re a nurturer by nature. And now that you’ve finally made it to motherhood, you’re obviously nailing it. You’ve got all the best snacks and cuddles and a seemingly bottomless well of empathy that will make your kids seek you out first for advice. Just don’t coddle the buggers too much, OK? If they grow up in a bubble, they’ll probably blame you for the shell shock.

6 Leo


Vibrant and regal, you’re easily the most exciting (and excitable) zodiac mama. From play dates to playgrounds to after-school sports, your indefatigable energy has transferred over to your brood, leaving them healthy, happy and sleeping like exhausted little angels. Your challenge? Your ruler, the sun, has trained you to feel like the center of attention at all times, which can translate to your kids feeling inadequate. Don’t push them too hard, and no matter how much they stink at soccer, remind them how wonderful they are.

7 Virgo


Since studying is your version of relaxation, you’re basically a walking Rolodex of proper parenting procedures. Your children’s lives are robust and regimented, but they still have plenty of happy time for play (you know the importance of play because you read several books about it, duh). Just make sure your perfectionist tendencies don’t lead to helicoptering over your kids. Ease up on the micromanagement and they’ll reap the rewards.

8 Libra


Like the swinging scales in your sign, your journey of motherhood is a continual search for balance—meaning that while you’re a wonderful, unrushed parent (we’re looking at you, endless family vacations and lazy, quiet weekends), you also need to make time to “do you.” Your other predestined obstacle? Letting fear of confrontation hold you back from proper discipline. Kids need to be told no, no matter how adorable their little alligator tears are.

9 Scorpio


Domestic bliss is really all you need to be happy. But your dedication to family, and your refusal to compromise (ever), tires you out, which can make you a big old cranky-pants every now and then. Luckily, as the ruling sign of regeneration, you’re an expert at recharging those batteries, so prioritize your alone time and have Grandma come watch the kids this weekend. We know, we know—it’s hard to be away from those yummy babes, but you need rest more than most people do.

10 Sagittarius


Ruled by Jupiter, planet of abundance, you’re totally the fun mom. Breakfast for dinner? Yup. Living-room-fort slumber party? Done. Your motherhood motto is “Bring the kids along, always”—which leads to their having more exposure than their peers. Just make sure your own spontaneity doesn’t interfere with your kiddos’ routines too much. Consistency is mega important, especially during the younger years.

11 Capricorn


“Provider” is programmed into your DNA—and you just might be the one bringing home the bacon or acting as the “bad cop” of your parenting duo. The good news? Your respect for tradition will imbue your bunch with top-notch manners (respect for elders, proper table etiquette) and will also leave them with a refreshingly old-school appreciation for family first. The bad news? Your ball-busting tendencies can be taxing on the family-fun quotient. So loosen your hold, let messes happen and relinquish regular bedtime when the cousins are in town. Consider it a trade-off: You keep them in line, while they keep you young at heart.



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