Why Are Feminists So Into Vagina Crystals?

As of late, many feminists (myself included) have been drawn to the power of crystal healing, particularly vaginal and womb crystal healing. We’re fascinated by the intersectionality of healing, feminism, and vagina confidence found in crystals.

Now, crystals are no new thing. Ask anyone who lives in LA.

The first known use of crystals dates back to the ancient Sumerians. Amulets and beads were being used for cleansing, conjuring, and healing purposes over 30,000 years ago.

While doctors aren’t really feeling the whole “power of crystals” thing, they have a unique potential to act as a tool so many of us crave. Ordaining your vagina with crystals is like a thank-you letter to the beautiful, powerful, life-giving vagina.

After all, crystals radiate energy and have been thought to cure a wide range of ailments. When it comes to vagina crystals such as yoni eggs and vaginal wands, they are believed to cleanse the womb space of bad energy. In a sense, you are paying homage to your most precious body part with semiprecious stones. That’s pretty effing beautiful, don’t you think?

Amid the reclamation of female identity, sexual freedom, and what it means to own a vagina in a political sense, it is natural that these reclamations would permeate into the spiritual realm as well. Within this climate, the ancient power of crystals have come to manifest itself as amethyst dildos, jade eggs, and obsidian bum plugs.

There are many places one can buy crystals, (you can even buy them on Etsy), but Chakrubs makes crystals makes handcrafted wands and yoni eggs that are bespoke and beautiful.

Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs, told POPSUGAR, “When I realised that I needed to take my pleasure into my own hands, I also realised that what I desired was more than an orgasm. That was part of it; I wanted deeply to feel pleasure, but I knew I also needed to reconnect to myself. Crystals facilitate our energetic body’s natural ability to heal itself from emotional pain, so combining the intentions of crystal and sexual healing?”

So, where did all the vagina crystal find their feminist roots? As it were, vaginal crystals have a deeply feminist foundation. Yoni eggs, Sanskrit for “sacred space” (aka: vagina), are said to have been used for over 2,000 years as a way to cleanse the womb space of bad energy and to heal from sexual traumas. Or, in many cases, to make your vagina young forever and to make sex better.

Holla! Ancient queens and empresses used yoni eggs to improve longevity of a healthy sexual life. Chakrubs reignited crystal popularity by broadening the scope of crystals, offering many more products that offer the same kind of healing energy used in ancient times.

The point is, vagina crystals are a symbol of feminine power and the vitality of female strength. No wonder we love them so much.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow is on board, and girlfriend knows how to pamper her vagina. Did you see those million-dollar sex toys? According to Goop, you can use jade Oona eggs to “cultivate sexual energy, increase orgasm, balance the cycle, stimulate key reflexology around vaginal walls, tighten and tone, prevent uterine prolapse, increase control of the whole perineum and bladder, develop and clear chi pathways in the body, intensify feminine energy, and invigorate our life force.”

Personally, I love my Chakrubs. I have an amethyst dildo and a rose yoni egg. I feel like a queen whenever I’m wearing them. It’s like you’ve entered a temple and that temple is your vagina.

I first happened upon them at the Sexual Health Expo in Brooklyn in September of 2016. Chakrubs were spread over a display table, coming in an array of sizes, shapes, and gorgeous stones.

“Chakrubs are made from big chunks of crystals sourced from Brazil, Madagascar, and China and are polished down to our designs. Because of this, they have never been previously owned before they reach you,” Cuccia said.

I made it very clear to my own partner that he was not to touch my crystals. Only you can touch your crystals. It’s a rule. Your crystals are a part of you. They are meant to bring you into enlightenment and help you strengthen your self-confidence and fierceness.

Clearly, a feminist dream. After this election, Lord knows we could all use some reassurance that our vaginas are the centre of the universe and we are goddesses.

Trust me, vagina crystals will give you that feeling. I’d know.

Are these crystals safe for the vagina?

According to Gizmodo, some of these crystals may look hard and impenetrable, but the material could be porous, leading to cases of infections like BV or yeast infections.

Dr. Rebecca Brightman, an ob-gyn with East Side Women’s Associates told POPSUGAR that her “feeling is that the vagina cleanses itself and if anything unusual is going on with the vagina, aside from normal vaginal discharge, a woman should see their healthcare provider!”

OK, so she’s not having it with the crystal obsession.

Your vagina is a very delicate place with a balanced ecosystem that can be knocked off by a variety of things, even tampons.

“Seventy-five percent of women suffer from yeast infections, but I can’t recall really talking about this problem with any of my friends. Eventually a concerned nurse practitioner informed me that yeast infections are caused by an imbalance of pH in the vaginal canal and that tampons can be highly disruptive to vaginal pH,” Lauren Schulte of female healthcare brand Flex Company told POPSUGAR. So, if tampons can mess you up, a crystal can too.

In my experience, I’ve had no issues with crystals. I enjoyed them. If you’re worried about the safety, get some crystals and just rest them on your chest. You’ll feel more in tune with yourself. I know I did. I felt closer to the earth and to the universe. It was some powerful stuff.

For me, it’s more about what they represent than anything else: a celebration of vaginas, your identity, and your agency. I love that message.

As Cuccia said to POPSUGAR, “Chakrubs are a symbol of self-love, and for many, this is not a trend, but lifestyle choice that is sometimes hard to make.”

In the end, I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself. Bow down to the vagina. It’s the vagina’s day in the sun.



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