Woman has botox on her vagina so she can lose her virginity

AMY FORREST suffered from a rare sexual condition called vaginismus.

A UK woman has revealed that it took her six years to have sex for the first time.

Amy Forrest suffers from a rare condition called vaginismus – which means the muscles in her vagina involuntarily contract whenever anything would go near her genitals.

This made sex impossible for the 26-year-old, something she said caused her to “lose her self-esteem entirely”.

“When I started thinking about having sex at the age of 18 with my high school boyfriend, it became obvious there was a deeper problem,” Amy told Cosmopolitan

“No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t have sex.“Everyone says it’s difficult, they advise you to relax and have some wine, so I did – I had plenty of wine – but still, it never worked.”

“Two weeks later I was having penetrative sex with my boyfriend.”


Amy described the feeling as a brick wall. She said her pelvic muscles would clench shut “to the point it felt like there was a complete block”.

This also meant she could not finger herself, use a dildo or even a tampon – Amy said she nearly fainted when she tried to use one.

Amy only realised her condition had a name when a friend of hers watched Embarrassing Bodies and saw it on the show.

Doctors were also baffled by Amy’s condition – many of them had never heard of it. It was only when Amy stumbled across a book of women with the same condition that she discovered botox treatment.

This treatment had a success rate of 80 to 90% and Amy said she instantly knew she needed to try it – but she struggled to find anywhere in the UK that practiced it

Amy travelled from Scotland to a private London clinic that provided the treatment – for a cool £1,200.“I was heavily sedated when they inserted six needles into my pelvic muscles (we’ve got three, so two needles in each), and two weeks later I was having penetrative sex with my boyfriend, who I’d been with for a few months. I couldn’t believe it.”

“It works so effectively as a one-off treatment because it breaks the cycle of vaginismus. The condition makes your mind believe penetration is going to hurt, so your body reacts protectively by involuntarily clenching your muscles.

“With the botox relaxing my muscles, I was able to insert dilators graduating up in size until I could take a penis, and that tricks the brain into no longer being scared of sex.”Amy was 24 the first time she had sex and said she was so excited she “texted everyone she knew”.

“My confidence has skyrocketed because I don’t have this issue dragging me down anymore. I don’t have to worry that I might never have sex or that I’d never be able to have my own children.

“I’m so much happier.”


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