Your Zodiac Sign’s LOVE Tarot Card Reading For Week Of October 1 – 7, 2017

Want to get over your ex? Here’s how.

Breakups are nasty. They leave a scar upon our souls. But sometimes in life, the end of a relationship can actually be a blessing in disguise. After all, how can you make way for the love of your life when you are stuck in a dead-end relationship?

I am not trying to be Pollyanna here. I know there is no way around the pain, only through it… until you heal and are ready to love again.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Let the Tarot guide your way with your weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 1. Read on to find out how you can get over your ex and heal your heart based on your zodiac sign with these messages straight from the Tarot deck.

ARIES: Reversed 2 of Wands

Your world has been turned upside down. The relationship you believed was yours for life has abandoned you by the wayside. What do you do now? How do you overcome this pain? The answer is: by rebuilding yourself.

The breakup was bad. Not only it did hit your self-esteem hard, but it also extinguished the fire that you always have burning within you. But that’s because you gave away your personal power to someone else.Take it back!

The fact is, you don’t need anyone else to make you whole. You are whole already. And though this pain will remain with you for a while, it doesn’t have to stay for too long. You can heal yourself, Aries. You just need to build up your confidence and self-esteem again. Rekindle your fire and be the master of your own world.

TAURUS: Reversed King of Pentacles


What do you do when you fall sick? Do you work yourself to the bone (and end up hospitalizing yourself), or do you rest and give yourself the care you need to get well again? An emotional trauma is no different.

Don’t deny the fact that you are hurt. And don’t race on as if nothing has happened. You will just end up driving deeper rifts in your heart. And that festering wound will never heal.

Instead, be your own nurturer, Taurus. Redirect your natural mothering spirit back onto yourself. Take yourself out on dates. Treat yourself like the queen you are. The way to healing your heart is through showing yourself the love that you were denied.

GEMINI: Queen of Swords

Where once there was bubbling laughter and child-like mischief, now lies a sort of grim darkness. But that’s exactly what will help you get over your ex and heal your heart, Gemini. The Queen of Swords is a cold and rational woman. Emotions do not sway her. And she is asking you to be the same.

Don’t unravel into an emotional mess. Instead, evaluate the relationship you were in. Dig in your claws and see every instance for what it truly was. Was there love and respect? Or were their undercurrents of treachery and betrayal?

Because once you have seen your relationship for what it truly was, you will realize that you are in a far better position now. After all, it’s better to be alone than be in a dead-end romance.

CANCER: Reversed King of Wands


Why do you feel this pain? Is it because you gave your all and didn’t receive it in return? Or is it because you were too kind to leave when you knew you should have? The King of Wands is a fiery king. But when he appears reversed, his firepower is more of the combustive type than the inspiring kind. And that’s exactly what he is asking you to do.

Don’t take this lying down. Stand up for yourself and make sure your ex gets a piece of your mind that he (or she) will remember for the rest of their life. Just remember to use your Cancerian wisdom while you are at it so no one can fault you for having said what needed to be told. And once the torrent has been released, let this person go. Time heals all wounds.

LEO: Reversed Sun

You are Leo. Ruled by the Sun. That’s why you are such a romantic soul. You were born to leave your mark on this world (and in people’s lives) with your creativity.

But there always comes a time when you must stop shining for others, and shine for yourself instead. A time when you need to redirect your sunny disposition and live for the person you see in the mirror every day. And that time is now.

Shine for yourself, Leo. Show yourself all the love and romance you showered on another. It will take time, but that’s your ticket out of this desolate land of heartbreak.

VIRGO: Reversed Judgment

In life, the clarion call to wake up and do what you were born to do doesn’t always come from outside. Sometimes, this call comes from within. Like now.

Breakups are terrible. But they also wake us up to make certain changes in our life. Did you hate yourself when you were with your ex? Did you always want something but never made it happen because the romance had taken up all your time and had been your priority?

If yes, now’s your time to wake up. Make the change you wanted to make. Because once you do that — once you start applying your Virgoan discipline to a passion project — you will realize that you are no longer the woman you were in this relationship and that your heart is no longer tied to your ex.

LIBRA: 5 of Wands


So you had a breakup. Did you peacefully let this person go? Deploy your diplomatic self and not stir up a conflict? Well, if you did, you need to stop now. The 5 of Wands is a card of conflict. And you, Libra, need to fight.

Don’t let someone walk all over you and go away. Stand up and prove to yourself that you will always be your best friend. Don’t take this lying down. Because once you battle it out, you will realize one of two things: The relationship was worth fighting for, or you were just wasting your time with someone who was not worth it in the end.

SCORPIO: Reversed Princess of Pentacles

You know the paradox of being a scorpion. You like to possess till eternity but cannot live without drama, upheaval, and destruction. And that’s the message of the reversed Princess of Pentacles.

Breakups are tough. They hurt like hell and make you want to destroy the world. But that doesn’t change the fact that the only way you can invite something better in life is by letting go of that which was not working anymore.

So let this break up be your silver lining. Let it drive you to build up from the ashes once more. You are Scorpio. You have done this before. And you will succeed in doing it again.

SAGITTARIUS: Reversed 6 of Wands


Do you feel like your throne was taken away from you? Like you are not good enough anymore? That if you had been, maybe this wouldn’t have happened in the first place? Stop it!

Other people do not decide your worth. You do, Sagittarius. So pull on your armor and fight for yourself and your honor. The way to getting over an ex and healing your heart lies through knowing your own worth and never letting anyone degrade it.

CAPRICORN: Reversed Strength

Do you feel like your ex has taken all the wind out from your sails? Do you feel like a weak fool who loved someone who was not willing to stay until the end? You are not weak. Strength is not a card of physical strength. It is the card of kindness that tames even the harshest beasts. Sometimes in others and sometimes the shadow of one’s self. But that time is not now.

Because the message of the Reversed Strength is to let your beast out. Let the anger and pain show through. Don’t pretend everything is alright when it’s not. There is no shame in accepting the darker emotions. They are as much a part of you as the lighter ones. Because once the dam of pain bursts through, you will heal that much faster, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS: 2 of Pentacles

Heartbreak can make us do a lot of things. Drunk text our ex and regret it the next day. Have breakup sex and do the walk of shame afterward. And, of course, splurge on shoes and chocolates to numb out the pain.

Have you been indulging yourself this way? If yes, you need to stop. Because the formers will only leave you with a disgusting feeling inside, and the latter will leave you without a dime to your name (and a hefty credit card debt). This is a time of change, Aquarius. Let it run its course. Denying your pain and trying to numb it out will not help you heal.

PISCES: Reversed Fool


Do you feel like the ground was suddenly torn from under your feet? That the breakup struck you unaware? Don’t lie to yourself. The signs were always there. But you chose to walk off the cliff, nevertheless, by ignoring them and letting them slide.

But that doesn’t mean you are doomed. Sometimes in life disasters are destined to happen so we can be directed onto the right path. Have faith, Pisces. Fate is not done with you. Embrace this free fall and let it take you somewhere better. You won’t realize it now, but when destiny brings you something sweeter, you will look back on this day and feel the light dawning upon you.

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