10 Things Every Child Needs To Hear From Their Parents To Live A Great Life

You are enough!

Dear little person,

As you arrive on this planet, I wanted to share with you some of the most important things that I have learned in life. It took me almost 40 years to learn them. I know that a list will never take the place of your own personal experience, but I’m hoping it will at least guide you in the right direction:

1. You are worthy of love.

Regardless of what you do or don’t do, you are always loved and worthy of love. Nothing can change that.

2. You have a purpose.

You arrived on this planet with something unique that only you can bring to this life. This changes as you go through life so don’t look for one particular thing. Just trust your heart to guide you and keep doing the things that fill you with joy and energy.

Never let anyone else tell you that what you love doing is not OK, not worth pursuing, or a waste of time. Only you know what works for you. Never try to be like anyone else. You are here to be you.

3. Everyone has all traits and none of these are “bad”.


You will sometimes be naughty and sometimes cooperative. You will sometimes be stingy and sometimes generous. There will be times when you are happy and times when you are sad. You’ll be energetic and lazy, rude and polite, quiet and noisy, clever and confused, mean and kind, embracing and rejecting.

4. The universe is balanced and loving.

At every moment, everything is perfect, balanced, and loving. There is nothing you can do that isn’t balanced out by someone else. We are all connected in a much greater web of intelligence and order.

You can’t do anything you’re not meant to do, you can’t be anywhere you’re not meant to be, you can’t save anyone you’re not meant to save. You are part of a much bigger picture.

5. There is only one kind of free will: the choice to accept the present moment or to reject it.

If you accept it your life will be filled with joy, love, and flow. If you reject it your life will feel difficult and miserable and stagnant.

6. Negative emotions are there to serve you.


You may feel bad sometimes. Anger, fights, criticism, depression — they’re there to help you. If these negative emotions come up, stop and feel them. There’s no need to run away — they will pass. Then ask your mind what it is trying to tell you.

Your emotions are your unconscious mind’s way of sending you a quick message. Your body doesn’t have email or instant messaging, so this is it. Usually, you’ll find that when you feel one of these then you are not living your purpose (or you’re not letting other people live theirs) or you’re trying to be one-sided (to have “good” traits and no “bad” traits) or maybe you’re expecting that of others

Get the lesson and the emotion will go. Ignore the lesson and it will stick around, not to hurt you but to help you to get back on track.

7. You need to put yourself first.

It is not bad or selfish or unkind to put yourself first. In fact, it is essential. We can only give to others what we already have and if you haven’t been loving, kind and giving to yourself you won’t be able to love or help anyone else.

When you look after you, when you honor what is important to you, when you say “no” to things that don’t feel right to you, and when you care for yourself, then you naturally help those around you. When you care for you, you are filled with light, energy, and love and this transforms everyone in your space.

8. There is nothing you need to do.

You are not a human doing, you are a human being. There is nothing you HAVE to do here. You just have to be. Follow your heart and enjoy your life. You will transform the world by your very presence.

Watch out for the words “should” and “shouldn’t”. Whenever you hear yourself saying that you should or shouldn’t do something, stop. Those words are like little red flags telling you that you are subordinating your own truth to what someone else wants or thinks is important. Live your truth and let others live theirs.

9. Never take other people’s opinions to heart.


We are all filtering the world through what we already believe and through the things that we ourselves need to work on. And life is always in balance. So whatever you do or say, there will be people who support you and people who will challenge you.

They’re both there, in balance, as an expression of a loving universe that wants you to grow and evolve and express yourself to your max. You need both to do this. So love and appreciate those who tell you you’re wonderful and love and appreciate those who criticize and attack you. Together they will help you to reach your goals.

People will see in you the things they have disowned in themselves. They will see the traits that they are too humble or too proud to admit that they have. You have them all, so no matter what they say about you, it is true. But it is not something to feel proud or ashamed of. It is just part of being human.

10. There is nothing to fear.

Everything that happens to you is for your own highest growth. There are no arbitrary events and you are never a victim. Everything happens for a reason and everything is there to serve you in reaching your ultimate truth of who you are. Even the things that happen that look really bad have incredible gifts for you.

If you take the time to find those gifts, you will only ever have love and gratitude for everything that happens in your life. Even death will only happen when it is the right time for you.

And it is just a transition, a return to the home you came from before you were born. It is not something to fear, but something to look forward to. There is no ultimate punishment.

As I said before there is nothing you can do that is “bad” so there is no need for punishment, hell, karma or retribution. Everything is perfect. Including you, as you are, right now.

You are an incredible being. You were born perfect and remain so throughout your life, no matter what anyone else says or how they feel about you. Love yourself, see the love all around you, and just be you. I wish you a balanced, loving journey through this wild ride called life!



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