12 Stunning Moms Who Look the Same Age as Their Daughters

Time is not the best ally for women who want to always remain young and continue admiring their beauty in the mirror. Sometimes it seems that, between parenting and work, a woman has no chance of reaching middle age in good shape.

The staff of ANNPortal decided to seek out examples of moms who have found a way to turn back the clock. Today we share our findings with our readers!

The Mahomes sisters, 18, with their mother, Tina, 36 (center)

Ennis, 25, and Shantol, 26, with their mother, Althea, 41 (center)

Actress Xenia Rappoport, 42, (left) with her daughter Aglaya, 22

Bayan Yessentayeva, 43, (right) with her daughter Aissaule, 20

Georgie Smedley, 44, (right) with her daughter Jazz, 21

Jazmyne Wardell, 21, with her mother, Natalie, 45 (left)

TV presenter Julia Bordovskih, 47, (right) with her daughter Masha, 18

Actress Polina Maximova, 27, with her mother, Svetlana, 50 (left)

Model Yasmin Le Bon, 52, (right) with her daughter Amber, 27

Rochelle Dale, 23, with her mother, Pav, 53 (right)

Model Jerry Hall, 60, (left) with her daughter Lizzy Jagger, 32

Source: BrightSide

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