A Powerful Explanation of What It’s Really Like to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Ryshell Castleberry, a tattoo artist from Florida, like many other moms was tired of constantly hearing this awkward question: “But what do you do all day?“ That’s why she wrote a powerful tribute to all stay-at-home moms and posted it on her Facebook page.

Her post was ”liked” over 656,000 times, but we think it deserves even more attention. It’s definitely a must-read for everyone who still doesn’t know what moms do all day.

Ryshell imagined a situation where a man complains to his psychologist that his wife “doesn’t work”:

My wife does not work
My wife doesn’t work!!!

Conversation between a husband (H) and a psychologist (P):
Q: What do you do for a living, Mr. Rogers?
H: I work as an accountant in a bank.
P: Your wife?
H: She doesn’t work. She’s a housewife.
Q: Who makes breakfast for your family?
H: My wife, because she doesn’t work.
Q: What time does your wife wake up?
H: She wakes up early because everything has to be organized. She organizes lunch for the children, ensures that they are well dressed and combed, that they had breakfast, that they brush their teeth, and take all their school supplies. She wakes with the baby and changes diapers and clothes. Breastfeeds and makes snacks as well.

And that was just the morning. Here’s what his wife does while he’s at work:

Q: How do your children get to school?
H: My wife takes them to school, because she doesn’t work.
P: After taking the children to school, what does she do?
H: Usually takes a while to figure something out that she can do while she is out, so she doesn’t have to pack and unpack the car seat too many times, like drop off bills or make a stop at the supermarket. Sometimes she forgets something and has to make the trip all over again, baby in tow. Once back home, she has to feed the baby lunch and breastfeed again, get the baby’s diaper changed and ready for a nap, sort the kitchen, and then take care of laundry and cleaning of the house. You know, because she doesn’t work.

While tired Mr. Rogers is resting, his wife continues doing what he believes is not real work:

P: In the evening, after returning home from the office, what are you doing?
H: Rest, of course. Well, I’m tired after working all day in the bank.
Q: What does your wife do at night?
H: She makes dinner, serves my children and I, washes the dishes, orders once more the house, makes sure the dog is put away, as well as any leftover dinner. After helping the children with homework she prepares them for sleep in pajamas and the baby in fresh diapers, gives warm milk, verifies that they brush their teeth. Once in bed she wakes frequently to continue to breastfeed and possibly change a diaper if needed while we rest. Because she doesn’t have to get up for work.

This is the daily routine of many women all over the world. It starts in the morning and continues until the wee hours of the night. This is called “doesn’t work”?!
Being a housewife has no diplomas, but it has a key role in family life!
Enjoy and appreciate your wife, mother, grandma, aunt, sister, daughter… Because their sacrifice is priceless.

Castleberry finishes her post with a poem about all the jobs that moms have:

Somebody asked her…
You are a woman who works or is it just “housewife“?
She replied:
I work as a wife of the home, 24 hours a day…
I am a mother,
I am a woman,
I am a daughter,
I’m the alarm clock,
I’m the cook,
I’m the maid,
I am the master,
I’m the bartender,
I’m the babysitter,
I’m a nurse,
I am a manual worker,
I’m a security officer,
I’m the advisor,
I am the comforter,
I don’t have a vacation,
I don’t have a license for disease.
I don’t have a day off,
I work day and night,
I’m on duty all the time,
I do not receive a salary and…
Even so, I often hear the phrase:
”But what do you do all day?”

Dedicated to all the women who give their lives for the welfare of their families.
A woman is like salt: her presence is not remembered, but its absence leaves everything without flavor.
Share with all the beautiful ladies in your life.




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