Mercedes AMG GT – 805 horsepower hybrid supercar unleashed at Geneva Motor Show 2017

MERCEDES AMG GT hybrid supercar has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 and it is very, very pretty.

Mercedes has today launched the 805 horsepower AMG GT concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

As part of the 50th anniversary of Mercedes AMG, a GT model has been created which offers an insight into the alternative drive configurations they are designing and likely to release in future models over the coming years.

“With the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept we are giving a preview of our third completely autonomously developed sports car,”  says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

“With our AMG GT Concept that means a combination of an ultramodern V8 petrol engine and a high-performance electric motor.

“Both intelligently networked and with a modular battery concept with a combination of extremely powerful yet light batteries.

“This performance hybrid powertrain offers an impressive electric range and the opportunity to generate a system output of up to 600 kW in its last level of development.

“It covers the sprint from 0-100 in less than three seconds – which corresponds to a super sports car level.”

The incredibly pretty and well designed GT, has a four-door coupe’s proportions, fastback aesthetics and sedan practicality.

It looks like a combination of the current CLS and the futuristic Maybach 6 concept that debuted last year.

The new nano active fine lighting signature is fitted on the car which is supposed to create superior illumination on the road, improving the GT’s safety.

Synonymously elegant and muscular, the coupe incorporates the Panamerica grille, typical of a Mercedes coupe, and flared air gills in the car’s bumper.

Under the bonnet is a 4.0-litre V8 engine which is combined with the AMG hybrid drive unit, together producing 805 horsepower.

This powertrain is combined with Mercedes’ 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system which helps to propel the AMG GT from 0-60mph in less than three seconds.

Mercedes AMG GTPH

It features a single glass pane roof which stretches along the top of the body

It sits in the middle of the supercar category for acceleration and even the electric Tesla Model S saloon.

Also fitted on the car is AMG ceramic high-performance compound brakes.

The Mercedes AMG GT is coupe looks, sports car credentials and Formula One strategy. If it ever goes in to production, it could be a world-beater.

Mercedes AMG GT

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