This Woman’s Tinder Date Lost A Condom Inside Of He

Sex can get a little messy, and sometimes unexpected things happen. Like say for example, a condom gets lost inside your body. Here, one woman shares her story about the night her date’s condom slipped off and was stuck inside her body.

Protection. While using protection is always the way to go when sleeping with someone, especially for the first time, sometimes things can go awry and certain mishaps can happen.

Date. Destiny Lalane writes via xoJane about the night she met a guy through the popular dating app Tinder. The pair hit it off, and after a few drinks at a few local bars, they went back to his house, and slept together for the first time.

Surprise. “To my surprise, we had crazy chemistry which led to the best sex I’ve had in years. The thing is, between the f***ing, sucking, and last minute position changes, we realized the condom seemed to have disappeared,” writes Lalane, via xoJane.

Reassurance. Lalane was no stranger to this situation, and knew exactly why the condom had been lost, and how to fix the problem. She proceeded to reassure her date that everything was fine, and she’d be able to get it out.

Prevention. “The next morning, I briefly explained — as my date dressed for work — that this had happened twice in the past. I knew why it happened and how we could prevent it from occurring in the future,” writes Lalane, via xoJane.

Dry. Lalane writes that condoms get slip off and get lost during sex for this reason — her vagina would get extremely dry during sex, causing the condom to either break or slip off. Extra lubrication would have probably prevented this from happening.

Condoms. Condoms can also slip off if they are too big or too small for the penis, as Lalane points out. This led Lalane’s date to purchase larger condoms, in order to prevent this mishap from happening again.

Prevention. “As I learned last week, condoms that are too tight can cut off your partner’s circulation, resulting in neither of you noticing the missing condom. And lastly, always make sure the vagina is lubed, be it from natural lubricants or store bought,” writes Lalane, via xoJane.

Fishing it out. Eventually, Lalane was able to get the condom out, after a lot of fishing around. She’d chosen to try and pry the condom out herself, due to costly visits to the gynecologist that she couldn’t afford.

Explore. “I washed my hands, laid down, and started to explore my insides until I felt the base of the condom. Then I slowly pulled it out and welcomed it back into this world,” writes Lalane, via xoJane.

Precaution. Getting a condom lost inside of your body isn’t uncommon, but if you take the proper precautions, like buying the right sized condoms or using lubrication as Lalane mentioned, you should be fine.

Knowledge. However if this does happen to you, you should be well-equppied with the proper knowledge to be able to get it out. If it’s not too far in there, you should be able to get it out on your own, or with the help of your partner. But if you can’t seem to locate it on your own, you may have to visit a professional.

Back-up. According to Cosmopolitan, you should also take some form of back-up birth control, as chances are if he ejaculated you more than likely have some of it still inside of you.

Infection. Not getting the condom out in a timely manner can also cause an infection. It can cause toxic shock syndrome, a condition women suffer from after they’ve left their tampon in for too long, or have forgotten to change it.

Tested. STDs are always another thing you should be weary of. Make sure to get tested right after the incident, especially if you don’t know the person you slept with.

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